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        Kien listed their skills in
        4 hours ago Unspecified location
        Via Best Buys listed their skills in
        1 day ago NY, United States
        Lead Creative has quoted $8,000.00
        Why me? I strike a balance between practicality and creativity. As a designer for more than 20 years - I know how to effectively craft visual comms... as an Art Director I know how to write and how to pair visuals with copy to create compelling content.
        Strong Impressions has quoted $2,100.00
        I am a graphic designer/illustrator with over 20 years experience, possessing solid problem solving skills and able to adapt style to suit particular assignments and clients’ needs. Please see samples of work at https://drive.google.com/file/d/18NCKn4
        DELIBRAND has quoted $12,000.00
        Hey Ryan, I like that you said high quality and bespoke. I've never attempted to find work on this portal, but the system emailed me about your job and I clicked out-of-interest.. so, please accept my hat thrown in too :) I could be helpful in
        Lisa Richards has quoted $308.00
        Here's an example of a website I built from psd and ai templates www.foodagility.com If I win your website build it will be built in webflow. No templates, built from scratch. Hour estimate is per page, total estimate will depend on the number of pages.
        george moussa. has quoted $550.00
        See my Logo Folio at georgemoussa.com
        Codigo Creative Services has quoted $1,000.00
        Hi Ryan, My name is Andres. I am based in Melbourne and I lead a group of creative professionals with 2 decades of experience in Marketing and Advertising, and we would be happy to help you design your re-branding designs. Please have a look at our
        Dezigno. has quoted $600.00
        www.dezigno., time frame will be changed when the final brief will arrive could be less then 10 hours!
        Samriti Verma has quoted $2,000.00
        Hi Ryan, I have experience in both Graphic/Digital and Web/UX/UI Design. Below is link to my folio website: http://samriticreative.com/ If you would like to see some of the design examples I have done: Graphic & Digital Design folio:http://sam
        Ryan M. requested assistance for Website refresh & brand update
        I currently have a website & logo with established marketing channels, looking to refresh the brand which may / may not include a logo update. Primarily this will consist of .PSD or .AI templates ready to be hard coded integrated. I'm only looking fo
        4 days ago Remote (anywhere)
        N K Business Consulting has quoted $975.00
        Hi, I am an experienced CA qualified professional who has worked within the Industrial, FMCG, and Retail sectors. My key areas of expertise are in providing commercial analysis and insights, business process improvements, logistics analysis and preparat
        w88a1 sportsbook has listed their portfolio
        6 days ago
        w88a1 sportsbook listed their skills in Business Coaching
        6 days ago Sydney, NSW, Australia
        Sole trader has quoted $700.00
        I am a CPA and have years of experience in not only Australian but also global financial reporting (USA, Europe and Asia). Having worked with one of the largest billion dollar organisations in Strategy and Business Intelligence area; I can deliver the pro

        Why choose OzLance?

        Higher Quality
        Freelancers compete on experience, references and qualifications, not just price alone.
        Local Staff
        Strictly AUS and NZ workers only, for higher quality work and better communication.
        Lower Rates
        Local professionals for a fraction of the cost of employees, agencies or consulting firms.
        Tiny Overheads
        OzLance Freelancers are the most affordable way to get the job done properly.


        Why are freelance wages so cheap?

        Generally, freelancers don't pay for staff, business rent, commuting costs or many other overheads, so they can keep their fees lower than a typical firm paying all of these expenses. By hiring a freelancer, you're cutting out all these added costs and just paying the basic hourly wage.

        What fees are charged by OzLance?

        $7 to post a project or job advert. That's it. If you don't find the right person for the job right away, you can re-list your job for no extra charge. OzLance charges no other fees.

        Are freelancers good at what they do?

        Like any recruitment process, you'll get great applications and probably a few lemons even though we actively try to keep the lemon quotient low. Some of our freelancers come from senior roles in reputable companies and others are new university graduates, the key is finding the right freelancer for your job. You can request work samples, resumes and qualifications to help make your choice easier.

        How much will I save by hiring an OzLance Freelancer?

        While it depends on the individual job, chances are the answer is a lot. You can view our pricing studies recommendations to find out more.

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